CR3 Mould Kits - Horizontal through Cable to Earth Rod

    Item Code: 29-MOULD-CR3



    Horizontal through Cable to Earth Rod

    ** Select cable sizing as well as matching weld metal and handles if required before adding to cart or quote. B106 and B107 handle clamps are supplied complete with a flint ignitor

    Weld metal (shots) is supplied in box quantities.

    WM 65EZ - 20 per box
    WM 90EZ, 115EZ, 150EZ, 200EZ, 250EZ, 500EZ - 10 per box

    Moulds are designed to be used multiple times and should be cleaned after each use. The mould should not be subjected to mechanical damage and safely stored when not being used.

    thermOweld is a process of welding copper to copper, copper to steel and copper to ductile iron. The exothermic reaction takes place in a semi-permanent graphite mould with a special formula of copper oxide and aluminium.

    As well as mechanical strength, thermOweld exothermic connections provide low impedance, long life electrical connections with excellent corrosion resistance.

    thermOweld weld metal is packaged in moisture resistant plastic cartridges that have tight fitting caps and along with the necessary steel discs into plastic boxes.

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