HV2-12 Assemblies - 513916

    Item Code: 33-OHHV2-12



    11kV Corner Pole Termination Construction 2-12

    Choose required options for pole length/pole steps, crossarm, eyebolt and conductor. Item code will change once all correct options are selected.

    N.B. If "No conductor" is selected as the conductor then compression joints, clevis thimbles and deadends are not included in the assembly.

    For unequal aluminium conductors choose "No conductor" and then separately order:
    3 x deadends for conductor 1
    3 x deadends for conductor 2
    3 x PG clamp

    Item 1: Timber Pole (Quoted separately on request)
    Item 19: Tie Wire

    ** All hardwood crossarms are supplied as undrilled

    A 2700mm crossarm is to be used as the default crossarm. For narrow feeder alignments, a smaller crossarm may be considered to overcome design and site constraints.

    Ausgrid Drawing No. 513916

    **These assemblies are picked and packed from components that are normally in stock.
    Contact us if a turnaround of less than 1-2 weeks is required to meet your schedule.

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