MV Screened Elbow - Loadbreak (Polymeric Cables)

    Item Code: 09-MV-ELBOW-LOADBREAK



    Supplied/kitted by DT Jointing Solutions Pty Ltd, the 200A LOADBREAK screened pin type elbow range is a world class, tried and tested solution.

    Suitable for 3C, 1C or 3 x 1C CWS XLPE Cable. All sizes are complete with MV crimp lugs.

    For 3 Core kits, the standard 3X1 core kit is supplied along with a trifurcation/breakout kit.
    Cable ranges are 11kV to 22kV, 16 sq mm through to 120 sq mm.

    The LOADBREAK screened elbow range is voltage specific, unlike a vast array of other connectors. For instance, the 11kV bushing and / or insert will only mate with an 11kV Loadbreak elbow and the 22kV bushing and / or insert will only mate with an 22kV Loadbreak elbow. These units are colour coded or incorporate coloured bands for ease of identification. The 11kV range is White and the 22kV is Blue.

    There are no special tools required for terminating aside from your standard jointing tools and dies. Please check for die requirements prior to receiving the goods.

    Housings are a moulded EPDM with conducting rubber screen that controls electrical stress in one of most effective methods used in the industry. No stress control mastic is required. The EPDM is 3mm thick providing surety.

    The elbows have a capacitive test point.

    Water sealing is completed utilising a unique and easy to use integrated water sealing sleeve which is attached to the housing providing protection from the housing itself, all the way to covering the screen wires.

    Fully submersible and 100% factory tested.

    It is important to check the termination is suitable for the intended application, with particular emphasis on the interface / bushing.

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    $276.31 to $1,182.60
    $276.31 to $1,182.60