Ausgrid - Insulators & Pins

Ausgrid approved LV and HV strain and post insulators and pins.

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    INS-11-STR-TO-CL-CCT Insulator
    Item Code: 14-INS-11-STR-TO-CL-CCT

    INS-STUD-M16X45 Insulator
    Item Code: 14-INS-STUD-M16X45
    ALP-33-720C Pin insulator
    Item Code: 14-ALP-33-720C
    B100-3.5-140 Pin
    Item Code: 14-B100-3.5-140
    Price on Application
    GY3-AUS Insulator
    Item Code: 14-GY3-AUS
    ALP22-450 Insulator
    Item Code: 14-ALP22-450

    GY2 Strain Insulator
    Item Code: 14-GY2

    LPLV - Porcelain insulator
    Item Code: 14-LPLV
    C150-11-7 Pin
    Item Code: 14-C150-11-7
    Price on Application
    C200-11-165 - Insulator pin
    Item Code: 14-C200-11-165