Ausgrid - Bolts, Eyebolts & Screws

Bolts, screws. polesteps and eyebolts for use on the Ausgrid network

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    D-SHACKLE-H42525 Shackle
    Item Code: 04-D-SHACKLE-H42525
    M16160B-H-G-N - Bolt and nut
    Item Code: 15-M16160B-H-G-N
    M16130B-H-G-N Bolt
    Item Code: 15-M16130B-H-G-N
    M12350B-H-G-N - Bolt and nut
    Item Code: 15-M12350B-H-G-N
    Price on Application
    M1230-175911 Bolt
    Item Code: 15-M1230-175911
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    PS16250GMS - Pole step
    Item Code: 15-PS16250GMS
    Item Code: 15-M1025S-H-4-N
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    M12180B-H-G-N - Bolt and nut
    Item Code: 15-M12180B-H-G-N
    M20220B-H-G-N - Bolt and nut
    Item Code: 15-M20220B-H-G-N
    M20260B-H-G-N - Bolt and nut
    Item Code: 15-M20260B-H-G-N
    M20300B-EB-G-N - Eyebolt
    Item Code: 15-M20300B-EB-G-N
    M20350B-EB-G-N - Eyebolt
    Item Code: 15-M20350B-EB-G-N