Essential Energy - Armour Ties

Approved side, distribution & top ties to suit AAC, AAAC, CCT and SC/GZ conductors on the Essential Energy network. Armour ties are used to secure conductors to insulators.

    23 products

    ST-CCT180-76 Side Tie CCT
    Item Code: 04-ST-CCT180-76
    ST-CCT120-76 Side Tie CCT
    Item Code: 04-ST-CCT120-76
    ST-CCT80-76 Side Tie CCT
    Item Code: 04-ST-CCT80-76
    ST-AC1425-76 Side tie 7/2.50 3/4/2.50
    Item Code: 04-ST-AC1425-76

    DT-CCT180-76 Top tie CCT180
    Item Code: 04-DT-CCT180-76
    Price on Application
    DT-AC0825 Dist tie 3/2.00
    Item Code: 04-DT-AC0825-76
    04-ST-AC2375-76-E Side tie 7/4.50
    Item Code: 04-ST-AC2375-76-E
    Price on Application

    ST-AC1125-76 Side tie 7/3.75
    Item Code: 04-ST-AC1125-76
    Price on Application

    DT-AC1350 Dist tie 7/4.50
    Item Code: 04-DT-AC1350-76

    DT-CCT80-76 Top tie CCT80
    Item Code: 04-DT-CCT80-76
    ST-AC2375-76 - Ties over armour 7/4.50
    Item Code: 04-ST-AC2375-76
    Price on Application

    ST-AC1625-76 - Ties over armour 3/2.75
    Item Code: 04-ST-AC1625-76