CEOM7206.02 Assemblies

    Item Code: 25-7206.02



    URD Lighting Column Installation & Connection
    - CAT P Lighting

    Item 11: 1 x 6A fuse now included.

    Choose required options for assembly number. Item code will change once correct option is selected.

    N.B. Items 16, 17 & 18 are replaced by included 50mm bend 90 degree 320mm radius (Reference CEOM7206.04)

    Item 2: Cable
    Item 3: Cable
    Item 4: Orange Tape
    Item 7: Streetlights/Lanterns
    Item 10: Corrugated Conduit
    Item 12: Column & Outreach
    Item 13: Rigid Conduit
    Item 14: Screw In Anchor
    Item 19: Cable Cover

    Fulton Item Code information and Essential Energy Drawing:

    CEOM7206.02 Assembly 1

    CEOM7206.02 Assembly 2

    **These assemblies are picked and packed from components that are normally in stock.
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