Essential Energy - Lugs & Links

Bimetal lugs, insulated sleeves, solid links, bimetal stalk lugs, tinned copper and aluminium lugs suitable for the Essential Energy UG and OH network.

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    Copper lug 500/M12
    Item Code: 01-CAL500-12BM
    Price on Application

    Aluminium lug 7/3.00AAAC/M12
    Item Code: 01-AL7-3.00-12
    Aluminium lug 25/M12
    Item Code: 01-AL25-12
    Aluminium lug 120/M12
    Item Code: 01-AL120-12
    Bimetal lug 95/M16
    Item Code: 01-BL95-16

    Insulated sleeve 95ABC
    Item Code: 13-MJPT95-21
    Solid link DIN2 400A
    Item Code: 01-LINK-S-400-DIN2
    Solid link DIN3 630A
    Item Code: 01-LINK-S-630-DIN3
    Bimetal lug 50/M12
    Item Code: 01-BL50-12
    Price on Application

    Bimetal lug 40CCT/M12
    Item Code: 01-BL40CCT12T
    Bimetal stalk lug 95 Alum/16 Copper
    Item Code: 01-BS95-16

    Bimetal stalk lug 240 Alum/16 Copper
    Item Code: 01-BS240-16