MV Termination - Polymeric Cables

    Item Code: 09-MV-TERM



    Supplied / kitted by DT Jointing Solutions Pty Ltd, the Heatshrink Terminations offered are a world class, tried and tested solution.


    Terminations are offered with tin plated MV shear lugs with offset palms (generally 12mm palm hole). Please contact our sales department today if your connection point requirement differs.


    It is important to check the termination is suitable for the intended application, with particular emphasis on the overall length, composition and connection point.

    For 3 Core kits, the standard 3x1 core kit is supplied along with a trifurcation / breakout kit.


    These terminations are suitable for standard CWS XLPE cable with or without a sacrificial sheath but without armour.


    These joints include MV and LV shear lugs and all componentry required to complete the termination. (Note: Lugs are not included with 800-1000 & 1000 sq mm kits)


    If your cable is not standard 1C or 3C CWS XLPE, then speak with our sales department today to ensure suitability.


    Whilst a vast array of ranges have been accommodated in these offerings, there is scope for customisation in collaboration with our Engineering Team. For any specialised requirement, such as armour and different ranges, please contact our sales department today.

    Price Excl. GST

    $168.55 to $2,660.84
    $168.55 to $2,660.84