Essential Energy - Aerial Bundled Conductor (ABC)

Aerial bundled conductor ABC for the Essential Energy network including 2 core 25 sq mm, 2 core 95 sq mm and 4 core 25, 95 or 150 sq mm.

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    95sqmm 2 Core Aluminium LV ABC - 250m
    Item Code: 23-95-2C-ABC-AUS-ESS-DRUM-250
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    95sqmm 4 Core Aluminium conductor LV ABC
    Item Code: 23-95x4ABC-LV-AUS-END-ESS-DRUM-500
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    150sqmm 4 Core Aluminium conductor
    Item Code: 23-150x4ABC-LV-AUS-END-ESS
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    95sqmm 2 Core Aluminium LV ABC - 500m
    Item Code: 23-95-2C-ABC-AUS-ESS-DRUM-500
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    25sqmm 4 Core LV ABC
    Item Code: 23-25-4C-AAC-LVABC-AUS-END-ESS
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    25sqmm 2 Core LV ABC
    Item Code: 23-25-2C-AAC-LVABC-AUS-END-ESS
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