Ausgrid - Metalwork

Brackets and fittings to be used on the Ausgrid network.

    21 products

    CTSLEW-070-1 Sag link
    Item Code: 04-CTSLEW-070-1

    BRAC-H12568 D plate
    Item Code: 33-BRAC-H12568
    Item Code: 01-TERMPLATE-UGOH
    Price on Application
    TC-070-1 Clevis Tongue
    Item Code: 04-TC-070-1

    D-Y11195 Clamp
    Item Code: 04-D-Y11195

    S-STRAP-240 Mounting strap
    Item Code: 04-S-STRAP-240
    SCC115270 Right angle bracket
    Item Code: 04-SCC115270
    Price on Application

    BRAC-SO-500 Mounting bracket
    Item Code: 04-BRAC-SO-500
    ABCWL-1.5 Weak link
    Item Code: 04-ABCWL-1.5
    Price on Application

    ABCYB-12 Yoke bar
    Item Code: 04-ABCYB-12
    Crossarm brace 920mm
    Item Code: 04-BRACE-XARM-920X50X5
    Crossarm brace 690mm
    Item Code: 04-BRACE-XARM-690X40X5